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Hey Evan & Team! As you may know, I release music under the name Future Sunsets and have developed a financially sustainable and rapidly growing independent artist presence. I am very excited about the idea of working together and know that a collaboration could really take my artistry to new levels! Through years of pushing the envelope with groundbreaking digital content, constant social media interaction & international touring, I have developed a supportive and constantly growing fan base throughout the world.

Below I will be showcasing some unreleased original music, released original music, notable covers, and an overview of the current FS demographics & business model to help you understand my strengths and weaknesses.


Music is everything to me. I live, breathe, eat and dream music 24/7. I am a lover of all types and am constantly pushing myself to be the best I can be. While I've already had some success & FS is self-sustainable, I am not where I want to be yet. Failure is not an option. I am the hardest worker you will ever come across.

Skills: 4+ Octave Vocal Range; Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums; Live Performance; Songwriting; Music Production; Mixing/Mastering; Cinematography & Video Editing; Business/Social Media Marketing; Teaching; Inspiring and building a dedicated fanbase; Snowboarding

Unreleased Original Music

Most of the new material I am working on isn't in a shareable state yet, however a few tracks have slipped through to the finish line already.

Original Music

Here are some original songs I've released that could certainly be re-worked & re-released. Many of them were released when I had a much smaller following and didn't get full exposure (videos + full push). I own 100% of the rights to all of the below works.

My most tattooed song "Live. Love"

My Fans

While my audience is worldwide and varies in age, my primary audience is an 18-24yo United States viewer and is primarily female. Below are screenshots of my analytics to understand a little further.  

Social Reach 













411,000+ Followers

Touring History

I've toured the U.S., Canada & Europe multiple times. Click here to see my touring history. I own a touring van and am tour ready.

Brand Deals

Because of my engaged fanbase and constant uploads, many brands have sponsored my videos. Click here to see some examples


For what it's worth, here are some of my known weaknesses.

  • Branding - I can do multiple genres (& my fans like the versatility) but my brand is a little confusing from an external perspective.

  • Publishing

  • Synchronization / Licensing

  • Administrative Tasks / Business Infrastructure Set Up

  • Thinking LONG game - I am very focused on the short term

  • Hitting original music deadlines - original music is constantly pushed back

  • Need more collaboration

  • Need to tour again soon! - This builds FANS for life and I need to get back out there asap!

  • Songwriting - While I am confident in my writing abilities, I understand that I "write in a vacuum" and rarely have outside/external opinions brought in. While that may be good, a collaborating songwriter may help me focus my thoughts better.

  • Looking for new opportunities - I need help here

  • Trust - This is worth bringing up. I've been screwed over in the past, so it is hard for me to completely trust partners. I'd love to and I know 2 (or more) heads are certainly better than one

  • Team - While I can do everything myself, I have no team.

  • Spotify Relations - Spotify playlist relations would be very helpful

Notable Covers

Thank You!

Thank you so much for checking this all out. Looking forward to working together. Don't hesitate to call or email anytime! 

David Michael Frank


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