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My name is David Michael Frank and I release under the name Future Sunsets! I am so excited to collaborate with you! Through years of pushing the envelope with groundbreaking digital content, constant social media interaction & international touring, I have developed a supportive and constantly growing fan base throughout the world.

Some Brands I've Worked With

My Fans

While my audience is worldwide and varies in age, my primary audience is an 18-24yo United States viewer and is primarily female. Below are screenshots of my analytics to understand a little further.  

Let's collaborate on a creative way to integrate your brand!!! 

Social Reach 













411,000+ Followers

Possible Brand Exposure Outlets

- Product Placement in Music Videos

- Link in all video descriptions

- Logo in videos

- Logo in Social Media Skins (Twitter/YT/FB/Spotify)

- Social Media Tags in all relevant gear pictures

- Shoutout in video

- Supplementary videos: Gear Breakdown, Studio Tour, A Day In The Life

- Product Reviews / Unboxing

- Brand Exclusive Musical Content (Sponsored live performance)

- Co-Branded Merch (i.e. Posters, Custom Picks, etc)

- Product Giveaways

- Brand Ambassador

- Potential Sponsor (Tour, Music Video, Podcast, In-Kind, etc)


Full Integration

In collaboration with MTV's new show, 90s House, & an interactive new TV conversation app, TV Party, I collaborated with Tiffany Alvord to create a promotional 90's mashup to promote the show and app.

From the brand - "OMG it's sick! Wow this is so awesome. When can I post it? I want to send it to MTV. I know it's early your time. Just excited!!!

Notable Metrics: 200K+ combined YouTube views & over 500k+ FB views

I teamed up with Qdoba to promote their #FreeGuac Campaign and recorded a song in one of their stores using actual sounds of tacos/burritos in my production!

Notable Metrics: Drove over 4,000 unique entries into their scavenger hunt. 70K+ YouTube Views.

Going WORLDWIDE viral on FB, I collaborated with Omar's Wooden Headphones to raise awareness about suicide prevention and mental health in my Linkin Park Tribute.

Notable Metrics: Over 6+ Million FB views & 100k+ YouTube Views

YouTube & Ryan Seacrest Productions contacted me to raise awareness about their new singing show, Best Cover Ever by performing an acapella cover!

Notable Metrics: Over 320K+ FB views & over 60K+ YouTube Views

I used the sounds from QUIDD to collaborate to bring my music to life! This campaign included a video on my main YouTube/FB channels as well as a BTS video on my vlog channel!

Notable Metrics: Drove over 4,000+ App downloads. Over 560K+ FB views & over 45K+ YouTube Views

I teamed up with a very cool clothing brand Love Over H8 to celebrate #EqualRightsForEveryone with this mashup to raise awareness about the clothing giveaway contest!

Notable Metrics: Drove over 500+ Instagram followers for LOH8 with over 80K+ FB views & over 35K+ YouTube Views

I brought RAWR messenger's new avatar app to life with this full integration music video!

Notable Metrics: Over 100K+ YouTube views over 3,500 unique app downloads

Everyone LOVES Pizza! I worked with SLICE to spread their message of helping small pizzerias and celebrating their love of classic pop punk!

Notable Metrics: Over 125k+ FB views drove over 1,000 app downloads

Call To Action

Here is a call to action for Surveiyo! I used it to let my fans choose my next cover!

Notable Metrics: 90K+ YT Views

Here is a call to action for MMX Hillclimb! A great (and very addictive) game! I showcase gameplay and talk in detail!


I am happy to work with budgets of all kinds! Let's talk!

Thank you so much for checking my videos out!

I am very excited to collaborate on a fun way to integrate your brand & go viral together!

Phone: (425)985-8295

- David

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